Humana Premium and Subsidy Calculator

Update Offline Subsidy Estimator Tool
 We have new updates to the Humana Offline Premium and Subsidy Estimator that include:-     The Monthly Penalty $ Amount that the policyholder would pay if they opt out of obtaining health insurance that meets the minimum essential requirements

–     All rates have been approved in this version. Therefore, all the states will quote premiums and subsidies where applicable

This estimator is very helpful as you guide consumers through the new Affordable Care Act and help them determine if they qualify for subsidies when your access to the online tools is not available.

Please note:  the quote tool changes each day. We don’t recommend saving to your desktop because the file won’t stay up-to-date. For best results, be sure to use the link each day and not save it as a file.

We have added a new field and relabeled several existing fields with instructions to help clarify what should be entered:

1.       Added a new field:

Total Number of Members on the Policy:  A new field to capture unique family situations. This should include the total number of members who will be on the policy (primary, spouse, any dependents).

•    Example:  In a family of two where one person is Medicare eligible and will not be on the H1 plan, this family would enter “1” into this field.

2.       Relabeled and added instructions*:

a.       Gross Household Income: The spouse’s income and dependents’ income should be included in this field, whether the spouse or the dependents will be on the plan or not

b.      Family Size has been relabeled to “Total Family Size”:  This should include primary applicant, spouse and all dependents, whether they are going to be on the plan or not

c.       Included a Spouse field:  This should be YES if the spouse is going to be included on the HCR plan, and NO if the spouse will not be on the plan

d.      Age and Tobacco: These fields should only be filled out for those members who will be enrolling in the policy

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