Should the Government enforce more strict Marketshare caps on Health Insurers?

Isn’t that a great question? As an expert in health insurance underwriting, distribution, product mix, and funding across a wide spectrum of geographies in the U.S. as well as underlying buyers (Large employers, small employers, individuals) it is top of mind.

Without getting in to Darwinism or Fisher’s Principle, my gut tells me that we need competition and lots of it to break the chain of unacceptable practices in the health insurance game – but this is sticky, political, messy stuffy….

So why can’t we just buy across states lines? It would be great to sell someone in NYC a great, affordable, easy to use plan underwritten out of NC for example. Also with the technology we have these says I can also run a much more efficient business model in an affordable state like TN, or SC for example and sell in to other markets right? Also with some of the BCBS plans nationwide that OWN the market (not good for anyone by the way) wouldn’t it be good for consumers to be able to have a product underwritten elsewhere that is 20-30% lower in price that those mega-state BCBS plans that are actually great, solid plans?

Just some pontificating, but more competition (at least more than have a 1 mega giant choice in a whole state!) leads to more competitive pricing, shopping, and overall value for the consumer….so give us more choice already!

Lots of what we write comes directly from our clients…this has been a dump of some of the things folks have been telling us over the last year. I have not even mentioned the ACA/Obamacare – almost everyone we talk to say the same thing….”love free stuff but it will end right? Also, let us shop directly through private insurance carriers and let them collect this ‘subsidy’ if I qualify for it, from the government…please do not make us go back to….”

Pretty interesting when you just listen to people.