Fast Facts on Underinsurance

Did you ask the right questions about the reality of your coverage? You might want to after hearing these stats released by the Observer. Having insurance might not be the end-all for your out-of-pocket costs, and you might end up having problems like the following:

  • An average of 10% of annual income is spent on healthcare costs- which most assume are already covered
  • 31 million people this year (as opposed to 14 million in 2003) see these costs accruing
  • 11% of adults had to reach $3,000 before their coverage even kicked in
  • 27% of those with these problems were employees of a small business


This changes consumer behavior the most when it comes to preventative screenings and routine exams. These could save time and money down the road, but in the present, the cost is often seen as too much. Unfortunately, the main solution for the consumer is simply to get informed on what their plan will offer to them. Ask employers to fully explain what the offerings entail and how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Keep up with doctors that are in your network, and seek the best possible care!