Are you ready for anything?

When you’re going abroad, the last thing you want to happen is an illness or injury. Surprisingly, while many travelers take precautions against infectious disease through vaccinations, malaria pills, and digestive remedies, the biggest causes for trips to emergency services on vacation tend to be:

  • Violent Crime
  • Injury Related to Motor Vehicles
  • Heart Attack or Stroke
It’s hard to be aware of all possible risks, but there are measures you can take before you leave that are quick and painless to avoid wasting time and money when you’d rather be enjoying your vacation time.
Get Your Physical
We usually get an annual physical, so why not take care of it before we exacerbate pre-existing conditions with unusual levels of exertion and dehydration abroad? Dr. Frank James told the Wall Street Journal that around twice a month he will find something in a patient that would make their intended vacation unsafe.
Check Your Coverage
You don’t want to get caught up in red tape or language barriers when you need medical attention, so check to make sure you are covered for overseas medical care. If not, the extra coverage is worth the investment.
Get Informed
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the State Department, offer free travel websites and apps to help travelers assess health and security risks just about anywhere in the world.
Going on vacation should never mean risking your life or wellbeing. Preparing beforehand keeps you safe and having a blast!