Are you in trouble?

At least 50 hospitals in 13 states are charging around ten times the actual cost of care to those without insurance. All but one facility is for-profit, and almost none are located in pricier regions, which would normally explain higher costs. Other situations that may have you spending this ridiculous amount:

-If the hospital is outside of your insurance company’s preferred network

-If patients are using workers compensation

-If you are covered by an automobile insurance policy

Mainly, if you don’t have insurance, you have no one defending your wallet. If your employees aren’t covered, they’re on their own, and that’s a horrible reality given the potential for up to 12.6 times the charges that a normally insured individual may experience.

Find out here if a hospital near you could gouge you the next time you need treatment. Keep in mind, also, that this only covers the top 50. Imagine how many are charging even 5x the cost of care, and how that could hurt both you and your employees.

Stay on top of it, folks, and let us know if you need our help in getting you or your employees covered.