Do You Know What the ACA Provides You?

We talked before about the fact that with all these newly insured individuals, emergency room patient numbers had exploded. Well, to counter this issue, the Obama administration has set up a campaign to explain to the newly insured how the ACA works for them.

“Healthy Self” is its name, and efficient insurance use is its game with the following tips:

1. What chronic or preventable diseases to be tested for at different ages

2. Where to go for preventative tests and treatments to save you money and time down the road

3. The broad scheme of what is now covered by your plan under the ACA

Through 50 events around the country through August, with representatives from Health and Human Services, the White House, and the Surgeon General’s office presenting, the US government is seeking to demystify the health insurance world.

See if you can make it to one of these events, and take this quiz to see how much you really know about health care reform.

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