Don't get caught up in the pizzazz of the front-end

Employee benefits are confusing and complicated enough, why make it harder by providing a lackluster service? This thread is full of unsatisfied users of another benefits management software who shall remain unnamed (*cough*Zenefits*cough*) who have had issues with the slick front-end features that don’t actually work to help them with their insurance needs.

We have a unique and reliable service that stands up to companies that are taking advantage of their clients in the digital age of the insurance industry. They’re providing a sleek appearance full of glitches and mistakes that lead to loads of lost time and money for the user. Point by point, our services match and outperform those of similar-looking companies. As the benefits manager that actually works, we’re offering:

-Personal and timely communication between staff and client at all hours of the day

-A profitable company with 200+ satisfied clients

-Better, smoother, more user-friendly technology

-In-house control over benefits management, payroll, and compliance that allows the client to come to us with all of their benefits needs

-Easy-to-use and accurate self-service model that makes it nearly impossible for simple mistakes to cause major pain in covering your employees

Our goal is to simplify this process and save everyone time and money. That’s how it should always be, but that isn’t what you’re getting with other benefits management companies.