4 Wellness Tips

Wellness programs are on the rise, and long-term, they can save the employer money on plans with improved health of employees. They can focus on chronic conditions, through smoking cessation or diabetes prevention, or focus on overall health and wellness.

There is plenty of motivation for older employees to get involved, as many notice health issues more frequently than a younger employee and likely see more immediate results, but for an employee in their 20s, their reasonably healthy prognosis makes motivation to participate a bit of a challenge. These “millennials” are about half as likely to support preventative care as the baby boomer generation, according to EBenefits News. Here are some tips for getting everyone involved:

Figure Out How They’re Motivated

This is not a jab at the “millennial” crowd, but many of the younger generation are most concerned with how they look over how they feel, though fatigue ranks at a close second in issues they’d like to solve. Motivate this crowd by emphasizing how their choices can impact appearance or energy levels, rather than motivating with the possibility of longer-term wellness. This tends not to strike many chords.

Know Where to Connect

Relevance is important to a young generation’s ability to relate to information and act on it. When this information is transmitted through mobile apps, social media, or other social channels, they are more likely to pay attention. With the right message and the right medium, you certainly increase your success with younger employees.

Make It Simple

Your younger employees need the proper balance between work and home life, and asking most to add on a new task every day will sound unappealing. If you add group exercise, or team walks to your office’s daily agenda, it becomes simple for them to join in. Make wellness another aspect of being at the workplace.

Competition Makes Things Interesting

Adding game-like qualities to these wellness programs encourages healthy competition and excitement. With rewards, competitive performance challenges, and maybe even the option for teamwork, more of the younger crowd will be interested in diving into (and dominating) a fitness mission.