5 Companies Thinking Outside the Box With Employee Benefits

We’re all used to the benefits our companies provide, but these companies are standing out with unique ways to show their employees that they are valued and supported in all of their endeavors.

Closing down for vacation

Companies like Adobe close their doors for one-week periods every year, for Christmas and over the summer, to provide their employees the time they deserve to relax. The pressure-free, mandatory breaks are a new spin on what we know about vacation time.


Results of creative saga may vary

Encouraging creative growth

Companies like Epic Systems Corporation offer their employees a 4-week sabbatical to pursue their creative interests after 5 years of employment.

Baby money for your maternity and paternity leave

Facebook offers each employee with a newborn $4,000 to get them going in the right direction. It’s a major bonus when an employee’s company supports their choice in starting a family!


It’s almost like a real book!

Funding your new favorite book

Companies like Twilio offer a free eReader and $30 per month in order to purchase reading material. We all struggle to settle down and read a good book, so it’s great to see companies encouraging literary prowess.

Supporting philanthropy

Salesforce allows its employees 6 paid days off of work each year in order to volunteer. For each employee that completes all 6 days, the company donates $1,000 to the charity of that employee’s choice. Amazing!