Top 5 qualities to look for in your benefits adviser

Looking for a solid benefits adviser that will walk you through every step of coverage can be stressful, which is why Joe Ellis, VP of CBIZ Benefits and Insurance Services, recently laid out in simple terms what an employer should be seeking in a benefits broker and adviser.


Employees and especially HR professionals are becoming more technologically savvy all the time, and their benefits administration should keep up with that. A top adviser knows reliable technologies to help the employees throughout their employment life cycle, from recruiting and onboarding to retirement.


It’s a no-brainer, but employers prefer and need the experts when it comes to benefits and benefits administration.


Employers look for brokers and advisers who aren’t tied to one or two carriers or ways of doing things, providing context as to what’s the best route and avoiding any forced commitments. They need the flexibility of choice, and to know that their broker is on firm footing as a jack of all trades.


A strong broker and adviser will recognize when they should defer to a specialist in a more unfamiliar discipline, such as legal or tax advice, and will have the resources at their disposal to provide the employer with the solutions they want.


Employers are best benefited by statistical information on their company’s spending and trends. With technology and expertise, a good advisor will have the means to populate such information and to explain what it says about your company’s benefits habits and future needs.

We have all of the above and then some. Can your broker say the same?