Our Healthcare Experts Reach Nationwide Coverage to Deliver the Message

HIG is known for putting the experts in the ring for our clients’ health insurance needs.

Co-founder Joe Cortelli has been making nationwide news to speak out against the ACA bubble and the problems the marketplace has caused businesses and individuals alike.

We’ve talked about this many times, and we’ll do it again: Very few health care consumers, to the tune of 10% of the insured, are accounting for, and driving up, the costs of care for the remaining 90% of casual-need individuals. This 10% of insured individuals quite literally accounts for 80% of the money spent by health insurance carriers since the ACA’s inception.

He’s shouting it from the rooftops, with coverage on The Hill and Fierce Healthcare: the way the ACA exists today has been a disaster for the healthcare industry.

Doctors and medical practices could have predicted easily that the extension of copays and low out-of-pocket plans to the most medically complicated and demanding populations would result in higher costs for everyone who needs medical assistance. All counter-efforts, like Health Republic, intended to preserve low costs have encountered massive losses, or in HR’s case, folded.

Big health insurers that are “too big to fail” will be the downfall of the American healthcare industry, and with the ACA, we’re accelerating that process every year.