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  • Co-Owner, Multi-Site North Carolina Specialty Retailer

    100% RECOMMEND HEALTH INSURANCE GEEKS!  As a small business owner, it is challenging to navigate the options of health care, and was even more frustrating trying to get our old health insurance broker to give us the customer service we needed - since we are not a larger company.

    Chris and Andrew at HIG are quick, very attentive, knowledgeable, and gave us a great overall experience this year providing benefits for us and our employees.  The online enrollment platform is user-friendly and simple - very nice.
    We will be using HIG from here on out.  They are awesome!
  • Head of Talent & HR, 200 employee, venture-backed, fast growing analytics company

    We are so glad we found HIG! They have reduced the amount of time and energy my team spends on the administrative functions of running payroll, employee benefits, and HR. Their integrated benefits management system is awesome for our staff, and we continue to have a consulting team with what seams like 100 years of experience. They rarely do not have answers at the tips of their lips!

  • Owner & CEO, 2,000 Employee client in multiple states, self-funded

    The HIG team displaced a 10 year relationship at our firm with a model that really made a dramatic impact to our company's bottom line and the benefits our 2,000 employees enjoy. Through software understanding, insurance funding expertise, and an insane attention to detail and customer service, we reduced our insurance spend across our 10 locations by over 1mm. We left a large, national carrier and went with a more customizable solution, added wellness challenges, and enjoy a service team from HIG that has become an integral part of our business.

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